7 Rules About MANAGEENGINE SERVICEDESK PLUS REVIEWS ,Important for busy helpdesks is a one-button solution for creating new tickets that persists as users move around the app. This, along with the ability to choose templates right from that same button, means that creating new incidents doesn’t involve digging through menus. Instead, agents can click one button and start typing. There is also a Search box right on the menu bar at the top of the screen, which lets you search for anything from problems to purchase orders.

Once inside an existing ticket, agents can add notes, view the ticket’s status, and of course resolve the ticket once ready. ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 features a handy Task tab that lets agents essentially add To-Dos to a ticket, which can be handy in circumstances that warrant multi-step fixes.

When resolving a ticket, agents can search for existing resolution details, which could cut down on typing and is a feature we like but haven’t seen until now. Again, this would be of real benefit if your helpdesk finds itself repeatedly dealing with similar requests.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Summary Page

Overall, the key differentiators for ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 are easy: It’s far more mature than most of the other helpdesk offerings we reviewed, and it’s focused on internal, ITIL-centric IT operations rather than as a tool to support customers outside the organization. That means, for organizations with large user pools and significant IT budgets, ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 is definitely worth a look. But for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) that focus on supporting purchased products, you’ll need to keep shopping or opt for one of the other tools in ManageEngine’s portfolio.


In addition to these, ServiceDesk Plus has GUI-rich reports for Requests and Assets modules. There are predefined sets of reports that help you evaluate the efficiency and productivity of your IT help desk team, the load of requests handled by the team, the assets distribution, and many more. Also, the ServiceDesk administrator can configure various help desk, asset, and enterprise-related settings, such as the working hours of the organization, service-level agreements, user roles, departments and many more.

When you log in to ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus , the application displays the ServiceDesk Plus home page that contains information on pending requests, overdue requests, requests assigned to the user who has logged in, approved/unapproved changes by the logged in technician, open and unassigned problems assigned to the logged in technician, individual user’s task list, and depending on the user login, the other dashboard views such as Contract and Purchase Order summary may also be displayed.

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