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You can use our scoring system to provide you with a general idea which File Sharing Software product is will work better for your business. For overall product quality, Egnyte received 8.7 points, while ShareFile received 9.5 points.

5 Ways To Get Through To Your EGNYTE BUSINESS,At the same time, for user satisfaction, Egnyte scored 96%, while ShareFile scored 99%. Details about their characteristics, tools, supported platforms, customer support, and more are provided below to help you get a more versatile analysis. Remember to purchase only the features your company needs to avoid wasting money for tools that are unnecessary. If you have to quickly find the more reliable File Sharing Software according to our review team we advise you check out these solutions: ShareFile, Google Drive, Dropbox Business.

5 Ways To Get Through To Your EGNYTE BUSINESS.Both Egnyte and ShareFile were tested by a panel of independent B2B experts who conducted a full examination of all crucial aspects of every service. Their final score was calculated with unique SmartScore system that calculates an individual partial score to every element like: main features, customer support, mobile device support, security, client satisfaction as well as market presence.We know useful features are not the only aspect crucial to a business so we make sure we pay attention to all aspects of a solution before coming up with its final rating.

5 Ways To Get Through To Your EGNYTE BUSINESS

Egnyte Business offers a number of options for using the service outside of the web interface. Egnyte Drive is the suggested path and provides a mapped drive. It is worth noting that Egnyte uses its own application programming interface (API) for this and does not rely on Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV), which has traditionally been fraught with security holes and functional issues.

Files copied to and from the mapped drive work exactly as if they were being transferred to a mapped network drive. What is impressive about the solution is that, unlike other offerings, Egnyte Drive replicates directory permissions. For businesses that are heavily entrenched in Active Directory (AD), this is a lifesaver since permissions management no longer has to be managed from more than one location.

Updated: April 9, 2019 — 4:51 pm

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